Our Story

Our story begins in 2011 at East Jessamine High School, me being a naive freshman and James being one of if not the coolest guy in school. I played volleyball all throughout high school and one of my teammates introduced me to him, fast forward a couple months and he was talking to my best friend at the time, therefor James and I were around each other all of the time. He became my best friend, my crutch when high school drama consumed me, I even referred to him as my “brother”. He graduated at the end of that school year and enlisted in the Army, he was stationed in Hawaii and our friendship faded. In January of 2015 he came home on leave for his 21st birthday, I had already graduated high school and was working full time before the fall semester of college started up. We got lunch the second day he got to town and we were with each other every day after that for the two weeks he was in town. Over those two weeks our friendship turned to flirting and it was very obvious to everyone except us that we would end up dating. James went back to Hawaii and I went back to my normal life, both of us thought that the friendship would fade do to the distance but it did the exact opposite, we talked every day and facetimed every night. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few months later and I of course said yes. I went to Hawaii every month from April to August, we missed each other so much. What do you do when you’re young and madly in love? James and I got married September 4th, 2015. That day was one of the best days of my life. Our marriage has been put to the test but we have come out together and on top each time. We moved to Tennessee in July of 2016, 8 months later on March 19th i found out I was pregnant. When I woke up that morning I instantly noticed a weird dizzy feeling and butterflies in my stomach, I got off of work and decided to go buy a pregnancy test. I went home and James was still sleeping so I quietly went into the bathroom and those two pink lines popped up immediately. We were shocked to say the least, I was overwhelmed with the fear of losing our baby. I had a rough pregnancy, not physically but mentally, I didn’t let myself get excited because my fear was so overwhelming. It took us a long time to tell anyone, including our family. We waited until I was 15 weeks to announce the pregnancy, revealing the gender at the same time. My time being pregnant was full of anxiety and google searches (don’t do that). On November 23rd I gave birth to the most perfect baby boy, Carter James. Carter completely changed our lives. So here I am, a new mama sharing what I learn as I find out.

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