Toys for a teething baby

Teething is harder than labor. Just kidding, but it is pretty rough. I feel like Carter has been teething for months now but here lately it just seems like it’s getting worse and worse. Just the other day I laid him in his crib for a nap and he was pissed, so I went up to check on him and come to find out he stuck his finger nail in his top gum and was bleeding. I freaked out. One, because i couldn’t find out where the blood was coming from at first. Two, my baby was in pain, It physically hurt me to see. Therefor, I have made it a priority to always have toys in his hands so we can prevent another nail to the gum dilemma. Keep reading to find out what my go-to’s are for keeping his little hands busy.

Wubbanubs: Carter has used a wubbanub since he left the hospital, and let me tell you that little boy is ATTACHED. He has three different animals now, the polar bear, the giraffe, and the elephant. He loves to snuggle up with them to take a nap.

PACIFIER CLIPS: If you have a baby I’m sure you have a couple if not hundreds (so it feels like) of pacifiers/teethers around the house. Pacifiers are notorious for falling out of your little ones mouth and ending up on germ filled surfaces such as the floor. Having a pacifier clip is so convenient, your baby can pull the pacifier out of their mouth and its still stays attached to their clothes (aka life saver)! I have had two different pacifier clips so far, both are fairly similar. Both of the pacifier clips I have are made with food grade silicon beads. The first one I got from The Baby Barn Co and its grey, white, black, and marble. I love the simplicity of this pacifier clip, It’s super neutral so it matches just about anything I put on carter! The second one I have is made by Tailored Tots and it is mostly marble, light green, and beechwood. I love this one because it has some wooden features that way there’s different textures for my son to grab on and he seems more interested on chewing on the wooden parts of the clip. Also, the clip from Tailored Tots comes with the cutest beechwood teether already attached to the clip! I got the leaf teether and my son has a blast chewing on it.

Silicon Teethers: I have a silicon rattle from Tailored Tots and Carter absolutely loves it! It is made up of silicon beads on a ring and two beechwood/maple wood rings to make the “rattle” part. It makes enough noise to keep him occupied while not making too loud of a noise for mamas head. I have another silicon teether made by Honi Me Teethers which I got from the store Tiny Tots Hawaii. It’s an all blue silicon pineapple with lots of little ridges for your babes gums. I typically attach the pineapple teether to a pacifier clip that way it doesn’t end up getting thrown on the floor, because… you know, babies.

Vibrating Teethers: I didn’t even know that these were a thing until my mom bought Carter one. It is the Nuby Vibe Eez lion teether, you can purchase it here. I’m not going to lie I was a bit suspicious about this type of teether. I didn’t know how this would soothe a teething baby, but IT DOES! I don’t use this product as much as the others but when Carter will not calm down if he bites on this teether he’s distracted from the pain.

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