What’s in my diaper bag?

When I was pregnant, I honestly believed that I would NEVER use a diaper bag… I was so wrong. Once I started doing research, I found Fawn Design. I have the Fawn Design original bag in black. I read so many blog posts about this and watched so many Youtube videos on how to pack a diaper bag. Let’s be honest, I had no idea what I needed to carry other than diapers. Let me start off by saying that my son is almost 6 months old and what I carry has barely changed since he has been born. One thing that I have noticed that I will be needing to add soon is toys. Let me know your must have baby toys in the comment section!

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DIAPERS & WIPES: I knew for sure that I would have these in my bag. I try to carry 8-10 diapers at all times because sometimes I forget to add more after I use some. I currently am loving the Parasol DiapersGuys, I carry 3 different types of wipes in my bag….. I’m an over packer, for sure. I am currently using Pampers Pure wipes for his butt. I normally just throw the whole pack of wipes in my bag with the snap closure. I have been wanting a case dispenser since I was pregnant but I have yet to find a cute one (comment if you know of any). I have face and hand wipes from BuyBuyBaby, and Parents Choice pacifier wipes. I carry wipes for his face because he spits up and drools a lot right now (because teething, pray for me) and his face gets extremely irritated. The face wipes are fairly cheap and they are so gentle for my boys sensitive skin. Do pacifier wipes even need an explanation? If you’re not by a sink to run hot water over a pacifier when it’s dropped, these wipes will save you! 



CHANGING PAD: I have the micro Gathre changing mat in Pewter. This is a must have, I literally use it every time we are in public. Before I was a mom I was unaware of all of the germs that came along with changing a baby in public. When you’re at a store or restaurant you’re basically faced with two options: 1.) a changing station in the bathroom that is likely to be covered in germs or 2.) going all the way to the car to change the baby. I prefer option 1, but the germs are easily avoided due to a changing mat.  The Gathre changing mat is genuine leather and it folds up to make it ideal for a diaper bag. 

TOILETRIES: All of the toiletry items I carry in the diaper bag I have in a separate pouch. I do that just incase something bursts It’s concealed in the pouch. In that I always have Aveeno baby lotion, Honest company hand sanitizer in the Lavender scent, Gripe water, tampons, nursing pads, chapstick, baby nail files, nail clippers, and the Nose Frida.



PACIFIER & BOTTLES: My son has had a pacifier since we left the hospital specifically a Wubbanub (he has 3 now). I always keep an extra Wubbanub in the diaper bag just incase we forget to give him one in the carseat. I also carry my The Baby Barn Co pacifier clip on us at all times. I prefer the clip over the Wubbanub because it is always attached to him and its easier for him to hold (& they have so many cute designs). As far as bottles I used the Phillips Avent since my son was born, but I just recently switched to Comotomo and feeding is SO much easier. I’ve found the Comotomo bottle to work best with my son because he is breastfed the shape of the bottle makes him feel like he’s nursing. Usually before we go out I try to pump a few ounces incase of emergency. 

TEETHERS: In my diaper bag I have the pacifier clip by The Baby Barn Co which also doubles as a teether with silicon FDA approved beads. My son loves chewing on the beads and it’s so easy for him to hold. I also carry a teether from KTJ Baby, I have it in grey and my son loves it! It’s always nice to have a variety just so your baby doesn’t get tired of the same one.

CLOTHES: THIS IS A MUST HAVE. I keep multiple outfits for my son which includes a shirt and shorts and a sleeper.  Right now I have a magnetic footie from Magnetic Me and it is amazing! I also keep an extra bib, socks and a pair of Mocs. His moccasins are from The Mighty Company, and they’re genuine leather so they’re so soft! I keep shoes just because I like him to have shoes on when he’s outside. I also keep a change of clothes for myself at the very bottom of the bag which consists of Lululemon Align pants and soft t-shirt. I have a back up outfit for myself because spit up can happen anywhere and you don’t want to walk around with tons of spit up on your clothes.                                           P.S. Stuff a grocery bag folded up for soiled baby clothes in your diaper bag.

NURSING COVER: I currently breastfeed so having a nursing cover is a necessity for me. I own the Milksnob Luxe cover in the color Jade. It is so soft and I absolutely love it (there’s a whole blog post on my review of it). Using a nursing cover makes me feel comfortable enough to nurse in public without having anxiety about if people are giving me mean looks. If my cover isn’t on the car seat, it’s in my bag.

SWADDLE: One word, Muslin. Muslin swaddle blankets are so versatile! I always have one in my diaper bag at all times. The one in my bag right now is made by Marguax and May, they have the cutest prints! This can be used as a blanket, a play mat, a burp rag, a nursing cover, etc.

MOM EXTRAS: For breastfeeding moms especially, you need to have a snack for you at all times (bc we have the appetite of a teenage boy while breastfeeding). Lately, I have been loving the Clif White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Protein Bar. Protein bars are very filling and the oats are good for your milk supply! My Ray Ban sunglasses are always in the side pocket of my diaper bag. I always have my wallet (which is massive I need to downsize), and a phone charger. Lastly I have my Polaroid Instax camera because you never know when you need to take a cute picture of your babe.

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Whether you’re a mama, mama-to-be, or just curious as to what I carry in my bag, I hope you found this useful. Be sure to comment some things you think are must have in your diaper bag! If you’re wanting to purchase anything click the links below! 

Lululemon leggings

Gray T-Shirt

Magnetic Me Footie

The Mighty Co. Mocs

KTJ Baby Teether

The Baby Barn Co. Pacifier Clip

Giraffe Wubbanub

Parasol Diapers

Pampers Pure Wipes

Face Wipes

Pacifier Wipes

Milksnob Cover

Instax Mini

Gathre Changing Mat

Comotomo Bottle

Marguax & May Swaddle

Nose Frida

Honest Company Hand Sanitizer

Clif Bars

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Fawn Design Original Black

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